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Head or Sex?

2010-01-31 18:58:22 by TRiMedia

My movie is out and it be called I'd Rather by The Super Mash Bros. and music from Three 6 Mafia. Please support it and vote five but more importantly support the music. Click here to download all the The Super Mash Bros albums for Free from their website.
Do you like sex more than head.... that is the question....



2009-07-09 15:39:29 by TRiMedia

Just sent an interview email to Tom with our very first power of 3 interview. The name of the game is grit tactics. I don't know where Tom is gonna put the screenshots and interviews but hopefully he includes oursssssss. the team is me nal1200 and knyzsekanimated. hopefully the screenshot isn't squished too much by this blog thingy.


Power o' 3 update

2009-07-06 02:15:56 by TRiMedia

Ayyyyyy. its going good. me, nal1200, and Knyszekanimated are still working on our power of three game... which not to go into any specifics.... but lets you kick ass in three different ways... land air and sea. This is the first time ive ever worked on any game. It's really some tough stuff cause' im always trying to perfect the graphix and figure out wat kinda of style i want to make for certain things. so as of now... i got a lot of land graphix done and knyszekanimated is doing some sweet coding but is gone for the week. but i really gota get the backgrounds done. no background means... no cool screen shots. see later blog readerrrrrrrs. stay classy



2009-05-23 14:22:50 by TRiMedia

So watsup. No ones gonna be reading this. But me, cl-17, and nal1200 are gonna be doing power three together. And while we're just coming up with ideas, I think we are gonna make a really great game. So um.... thats about it. Can't wait to see all the games by the end of the summer. And speaking of freaking SUMMER. I CANT WAIT FOR SUMMMMMMERRRR